When Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden, rustic life in the woods became celebrated, if not glamorized. Perhaps Mr. Thoreau was not thinking of cabin décor as much his natural surroundings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the quintessential coziness of a chic hideaway lodge all the same. Antiqued silver bottles. Teak side tables. Bold horn statues. Even if you reside in the busy bustle of the city, this eclectic collection of home accents will lend the casual elegance of a woodsy retreat to your home.

Pacino Animal Hide Wall Mirror

Nunez Aluminum Tube Table Lamp

Norfolk Magazine Organizer

Zaras Tall Bronze Ceramic Bottle

Set of 2 Saeram Hurricane Lanterns

Tiago Wide Vase

Set of 2 Hazen Bottles with Horn Stoppers

Old World Estate Set of 3 Madison Etched Mercury Glass Bottles (Silver)

Set of 3 Foley Mirror Mosaic Boxes

Set of 2 Antelope Horn Statues

Medium Malise Driftwood Candle

25-Piece Old Copper Kitchen Wall Assortment

Rumeli Bucket

Set of 3 Havana Storage Boxes

Ames Deer Rack

Set of 3 Antler Candle Holders

Pacino Animal Hide Accent Chair

Zuma Square Pillow

Zatana Teak Side Table

Set of 3 Torres Modern Forest Oils on Canvas

Amaris Vase, Large

Orleans Log Rack

Set of 2 Havana Photo Frames, 4″ x 6″/5″ x 7″

Tilmont Antler Candle Holder

15-Piece Old Copper Planter Assortment

Royal Fire Tool Set

Branch Candle Holder

Orinda Vase (Brown)

Lazy Susan Gold Metallic Faux Pony Tray

Lazy Susan Silver Metallic Faux Pony Tray